Monday, September 8, 2008

Overindulgence and Hyper-Parenting - how it's affecting our kids


I've had the opportunity to meet two authors who both recently wrote books on overindulgence and hyper-parenting, and was fortunate enough to speak with four others. Their research and work is impressive. And their messages are very similar:

- The problems are more prevalant now than ever

- Parents who do it love their kids and want what's best for them
- They have good intentions
- They don't know they're doing it
- It's hurting our kids
- And, it could be sabotaging your parenting efforts!

I don't believe in talking about a problem without offering some solutions. The great news is there's help - there are simple ways to make changes in parenting your kids that will have huge payoffs in the end.

First, I would like to share several books on this topic.

Second, I offer two free downloads for parents: (1) My most recent article: Overindulging and Hyper-Parenting: How we may unintentionally be hurting our kids; and (2) A checklist for parents to help determine if this could be a problem for you.

And third, I am offering two teleclasses in October where I will share a more in-depth look at why the problem exists, how to avoid the trap, or stop it if it's already a problem, and how to move forward in raising happy, well-adjusted, self-sufficient kids.

Today's kids are in trouble - we can help

Experts are saying our kids and teens are in trouble, I believe it's time we listen. I read it over and over: there are more unhappy kids and teens today than at any other time in history! Could the way we are parenting them be contributing to their unhappiness? None of us want to believe we could be hurting our kids, but as I said before, I think we owe it to them, to our families, and to ourselves to take a look.

We live in a very fast-paced world where single and blended families are the norm. Most of us are working and don't have the luxury of having one parent home with the kids.

Often parents overcompensate in ways that aren't healthy for their kids. Experts see a rise in parents who overindulge and hyper-parent their kids without ever knowing they're doing it, and that it's sabotaging their parenting efforts.

Simply defined, overindulgence is giving a child too much of anything - time, money, freedom, choices, things. Hyper-parenting is doing things for a child he can do for himself, or also known as the "helicopter parent".

The good news is if it's happening in your family there are ways to stop it. And even better news! Any damage done can be reversed! By learning a new parenting approach and arming ourselves with new tools for parenting kids in today's complex world, we can raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted, self-sufficient kids.

So again, take a look at the checklist to help you determine if this could be affecting your relationship with your child. I am offering the two teleclasses in October, and am also available for one-on-one coaching. Groups or organizations who are interested in a workshop or teleclass for their members are encouraged to call me at 1-877-835-7589 .